pmd 3D Sensing 系列
添加3D视觉 机器人

  • 开箱即用,用途广泛!
    pmd 3D传感系列让您能灵活地将强大的3D视觉添加到产品之中。它开箱即用,拥有启动所需的全部工具和软件。无论是原型设计还是工业级大规模生产,您都可以从我们的3D摄像机和生态系统的巨大适应性中获益。

用于原型设计、研究和大规模生产的pmd 3D开发套件。这套最灵活的解决方案,采用我们最新的飞行时间图像传感器来进行精确的深度传感。

ifm工业级别3D摄像头O3D, O3R, O3X

由pmd 飞行时间所赋能,用于AGV等工业级应用,或对体积、距离或液位的检测。

Emcraft i.MX 8M 模块化系统

带有恩智浦i.MX 8M迷你处理单元和pmd 飞行时间模块及软件的全面3D开发平台。


01 可扩展性









我们的产品系列和SDK支持许多不同的软件框架和语言。开始用ROS 1/2、Python、OpenCV、OpenNI2、Matlab、C、DotNet、Windows和Linux/ARM 等等来进行开发吧。



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Fill out the form to be one of the first to receive our latest 3D depth sensing Development Kits. Our 3D experts will then contact you to find the right solution for your project. We ask you to briefly describe your project to provide you with the right information and give us some time to answer all requests.

pmd flexx2
Flexibility Multiplied

  • The Depth Sensing Kit flexx2 is the peripheral, USB3-connected embodiment of a depth sensor. It features our latest 3D ToF sensor with 38k 3D pixels, flexible working ranges, flexible framerates, and reduced depth noise. The perfect tool for developers who want to be ahead of their time. The flexx2 is available with and without casing.
  • Are you a pico flexx or pico monstar customer? Find the old download and support section here: pmd picofamily.

Now available!

The flexx2 is now available to order through our partner Automation24. If your project requires bigger quantities, please use the above form to get a direct quote from us.

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Payment Options and Shipment

We are closely working together with our distribution partner Automation24. Their experts will process the ordering, payment and shipment of your development kit. With their help, we can offer you fast, worldwide shipment as well as many different payment options and a secure state of the art ordering process.
If you have any questions regarding the ordering process, do not hesitate to contact them directly

Emcraft i.MX 8M Mini System-On-Module
3D Sensing meets Processing Power

  • The Emcraft starter kit provides a modular hardware platform enabling development of embedded ToF applications using the NXP i.MX 8M Mini SOM and a pmd ToF module. The kit is assembled as a miniature multi-layer system. This stack, when assembled together, presents an i.MX 8M Mini-based embedded computer with ToF vision to develop powerful applications.

3D Cameras from ifm
Machine Vision for your Production Line

  • Industrial grade 3D cameras from ifm electronic use Time-of-Flight technology from pmd for a big number of applications. Example use-cases are autonomous navigation of robots, the detection of volume, distance or fill level, or completeness checking. ifm's 3D cameras are built for maximum reliability and durability and offer easy integration into existing automations.

Compare Specifications
For Development and Mass Production

  pmd flexx2 DevKit / OEM Emcraft System on Module ifm 3D Cameras
Version DevKit:
Encased, CE Certified,
Class 1 Laser Product
No casing, no CE Certification,
not laser certified
(must be done by end-user)
i.MX 8M Mini Quad
16 GB eMMC
ToF Module: Sunny or LiteOn
Video Processing Unit (VPU)
connects up to six 3D+2D cameras
Size 71.9 x 19.2 x 10.6 mm 18.93 x 18.6 x 5.33 mm 90 x 31 x 26 mm (camera)
180 x 30 x 125 mm (VPU)
Resolution 224 x 172 224 x 172 224 x 172 (3D)
1280 x 800 (2D)
ToF Sensor IRS2381C Infineon® REAL3™ 3D Image Sensor LiteOn: IRS1645C Infineon® REAL3™ 3D Sensor
Sunny: IRS2381C Infineon® REAL3™ 3D Sensor
Illumination 940nm 1 Watt VCSEL (LC1) 940nm 1 Watt VCSEL (LC1) 940nm 1 Watt VCSEL (LC1)
Framerate Up to 60fps (3D frames) Up to 60fps (3D frames) 20fps (2D and 3D frames)
Field-of-View 56 x 44 FOV

LiteOn: 105 x 85 FOV

Sunny: 60 x 40 FOV
105 x 78 3D FOV
128 x 80 2D FOV

Range 0.1m - 4m 0.1m - 4m 0.1 - 4m
Interface USB3 Type-C Camera interfaces i.MX 8M Mini via 2-lane MIPI-CSI2 and I2C VPU: CAN, 2x 1GB Ethernet; GIGE, USB3.0; USBmini
IP Class - - IP54 (camera)
IP50 (VPU)
Accuracy <= 1% of distance (0.5 –4m @ 5fps)
<= 2% of distance (0.1 –1m @ 45fps)
<= 1% of distance (0.5 –3m @ 5fps)
<= 2% of distance (0.1 –1m @60 fps)
Software Royale SDK C/C++ based
supports Matlab,
ROS 1+2
OpenEmbedded Linux OS running Royale SDK,
C/C++ based,
ROS 1 support available
ROS 1+2